[REPORT] The Top 5 Insurance Companies on Social Media in Southeast Asia

The B2C insurance industry is a highly competitive space that operates in multiple sectors, such as home, life, automotive, health, and travel. On the consumer front, there is a constant need for information to be available, accurate, and simplified.

In this digitally connected age, and especially in a complex business like insurance, there is an inherent desire for more options to interact with insurers round the clock. Which of Southeast Asia’s insurance companies’ investment in social have paid off for them in share of voice and customer engagement?

In this study, discover:
  • What are the key products in Southeast Asia’s B2C insurance industry?
  • The importance of having a verified social media presence for the B2C insurance industry.
  • The power of Facebook and YouTube for growing and engaging an online community.
  • What makes a brand’s content engaging on social media?