Mediacorp: Improving Data Reporting Through Multi-Faceted Dashboards

Mediacorp is Singapore's national media network and largest content creator. In an increasingly digital landscape, Mediacorp is more equipped than ever to bring relevance to its audience and invest strongly in multiple portfolios of media technology.


Mediacorp's digital and social teams are powered through social listening to understand the latest consumer insights to meet various organizational needs, such as community management, crisis management, and content management.


Discover how Mediacorp leverages real-time AI-powered social media monitoring to access essential data and inform stakeholders with personalized dashboards quickly.

Download this case study to discover:
  • 4 data-driven business uses powered via social listening
  • Enhancing reporting data for community management
  • How crises are alerted and anticipated with customized dashboards
  • Funneling insights to critical stakeholders for spotting key trends and content opportunities