Johnsonville Sausage: Managing Crisis, Mapping Consumer Trends, & Informing Content Strategy Using Social Listening

Johnsonville is the no.1 sausage brand in America and the largest sausage producer in the country. With COVID-19 changing the course of consumer conversations and behaviors, Johnsonville wanted to monitor the evolution of the pandemic and its impact on the company, its competitors, consumers’ cooking patterns, and the meat industry in general. 

Johnsonville’s social and customer experience teams are equipped with Digimind social listening and set up custom dashboards on the platform to monitor the brand, its competitors, and its consumer cooking challenges.


Read this business case and discover how Johnsonville was able to conduct daily monitoring of the evolving COVID-19 conversation in relation to brand perception, consumer purchase trends, inventory challenges, and quarantine cooking, which helped them identify challenges and opportunities that informed the web/social content strategy for the company.

Download this business case to learn:
  • 3 powerful business use-cases powered by social listening

  • How the company combatted 2 potential crisis situations during COVID-19

  • The methodology behind identifying key consumer shopping trends 

  • Funneling insights to social and customer experience teams for spotting key trends and informing content strategy