Hart Inc.: Managing PR Crisis, Informing Content, & Finding the Right Influencers - Solving the PR Puzzle for Success Using Social Listening

Hart Inc. is an independent, full-service marketing firm that has been delivering unified brand experiences that engage and empower consumers throughout the customer journey. The agency has numerous clients that deal with various PR and communications challenges on a daily basis. Moreover, COVID-19 has transformed consumer conversations in every industry and gave rise to many trends that are still prevalent today, some of them being brands' responsibility on sociopolitical issues, social raiders, and increase in misinformation.

Hart’s dedicated social and digital teams are equipped with Digimind Social Listening platform where they set up keyword and media monitoring to monitor the clients’ brands, their competitors, and key trends impacting the industry.

Read this business case and discover how Hart Inc. was able to conduct daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring of evolving conversations concerning brand reputation, consumer sentiments, and key influencers, which helped it identify challenges and opportunities that informed the content and PR/communication strategy for its clients.

Download this business case to learn:
  • 3 powerful business use-cases powered by social listening

  • How the company combatted negativity for a governmental agency

  • An overview of their content creation process for marketing and newsletters for a manufacturing client

  • How they set up proactive crisis monitoring and funneled insights to social and digital teams