The Go-To Guide on Social Media KPIs for Real-Time Campaign Optimization

Social media campaigns are a means to achieving overarching business objectives like increasing revenue and brand awareness. While many companies and brands are turning their attention to social media to grow their business, developing a successful social media strategy remains one of the top five challenges for digital marketers.

With branded campaigns often vying for attention against viral content such as TikTok trend challenges or live-streamed "mukbang" food eating videos, it is impossible for marketers to ignore the social media landscape while competitors are looking for opportunities to hop on the latest bandwagon.

This guide offers you strategies, best practices, and key KPIs for your marketing team to optimize according to what works best for your business goals.


Build an effective and cohesive social media strategy that will allow you to keep your social media performance in your purview, with regular monitoring and adapting of social activities to ensure content is reaching and engaging the right audience. 

This eBook will give you:
  • 7 essential social media KPIs to track customer reach and engagement
  • 3 strategies to conceptualize and to further analyze existing campaigns
  • 4 best practices to define and optimize campaigns