[Series] Tracking Demand: Modernizing F&B and Sustainable Proteins

In recent years, the food and beverage (F&B) sector has undergone significant transformations, particularly focusing on sustainability, notably in the realm of alternative proteins.


The industry's pivot toward sustainability has prompted varied feedback, underscoring the crucial need to comprehend consumer sentiments amid challenges associated with transitioning away from conventional protein sources, perceived by some as formidable.


For businesses, leveraging actionable insights presents numerous opportunities to enhance profitability when strategically capitalized upon. Proficiently recognizing and promptly responding to nuanced consumer sentiments can function as a catalyst for success in effectively navigating the intricacies of the evolving landscape of protein substitution within the dynamic F&B industry. 



Uncover the report series' transformative potential by delving into the profound impact of harnessing the power of social listening. Explore the invaluable insights and opportunities that await you.

Unlock this report to discover:
  • Industry backgrounds on contemporary meat alternatives and thorough examination of the key challenges with aligning consumer expectations with demand.
  • Competitive analysis of leading meal kit brands and consumer sentiments surrounding these brands, offering a comprehensive view of prevailing preferences within the industry.
  • Holistic overview for the online Share of Voice (SoV) for 11 prominent fast food brands, and a topline analysis of the rankings.