Beyond Meat: Ranking Plant-based Buzz in Top Fast Food Chains

Vegconomist's 2024 revelation of a remarkable 12.2% surge in online discussions about plant-based options solidifies the undeniable momentum that is currently underway.


Fast-food giants are strategically poised to not merely recognize but also seamlessly incorporate plant-based options as an essential component of their menus.


With consumer preferences taking center stage, a substantial 40% opting for plant-based alternatives underscores a mainstream movement that warrants strategic attention from fast-food brands.


Our report unveils the leaders in the industry, offering insights and meticulously examining significant changes in rankings, revealing the dominant force in the fiercely competitive landscape of plant-based alternatives.


Embrace the plant-based evolution, decipher the changing dynamics, and strategically position your brand for a future where plant-based options take center stage. Effortlessly weave the convenience of fast food with expertise, recognizing that each dish, whether enjoyed on the go or savored in a relaxed setting, presents a chance for your brand to distinguish itself in the plant-based race. 🌱🍔✨



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Unveil the insider secrets behind the top brands' plant-based food options in the fast food industry with this comprehensive report.

Unlock this report to discover:
  • Share of Voice (SoV) of eleven top fast-food brands online
  • Topline analysis of SoV ranking 
  • Ranking of plant-based discussions in comparison