Dissecting Opportunities in Asia Pacific's Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry

Worth over $140 billion and projected to grow 9.1% annually from 2017 – 2021, the Asia Pacific pharmaceutical and healthcare market is the third largest in the world.
Indeed, APAC’s significance to pharmaceutical companies’ global product and marketing strategies should not be underestimated. Ageing local populations and increased government commitment to provide affordable healthcare are factors driving demand for medicines, especially generic drugs and biosimilars.

However, a highly heterogeneous approach to healthcare poses several challenges to the pharma industry in the region. Differing health systems and healthcare regulations, as well as uneven distribution of economic progress, make APAC a complex region.


What are the key social monitoring hotspots for pharma brands? How has social media impacted consumer trust and the anti-vax movement? Which key innovations in telehealth and robotic surgery should pharma companies prioritize? And how can pharma brands engage prospective patients and improve patient engagement on social?


This report outlines the key trends pharma brands should track and analyze on social media, and the opportunities they should leverage to stay competitive.

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  • Key consumer trends and attitudes in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Top healthcare issues in 2019 discussed by healthcare professionals and patients, including medical marijuana, preventative care, and anti-vaccination movements.
  • The impact of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on consumer trust.
  • Pharma marketing and social best practices from Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis, Abbott, GSK, and more.