Digesting Covid-19’s Impact on the Food Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a great impact on many industries around the world, most notably in the Food and Beverage industry. Otherwise steady courses of food production and consumption have been heavily disrupted, Forcing countless brands in the F&B and consumer goods category to deal with the “new normal” in consumption patterns, perceptions, and concerns from consumers. 


To help you digest both short and long-term changes in consumer behaviors and priorities, Digimind analyzed over 1,600,000 public online mentions related to food and Coronavirus on social media, and compared key conversation trends from the same period in 2019. 


Download this report to unlock a menu of key insights on at-home consumption during the Covid-19 epidemic, essential vs. secondary food products, and demands for retail brands.

Download this report to find out:
  • Key changes in food consumption patterns on social media
  • Public concerns that companies should react to appropriately and quickly
  • Sector focuses for supermarkets, dairy products, and bottled water
  • Top mentioned products for retailers like Amazon