🌱 Unlocking the Pulse of Change: Diving into Consumer Sentiments on Sustainable Meat Alternatives 🌍

In 2022, nearly 66% of individuals worldwide who regularly consume meat are either making an effort or contemplating reducing their meat intake.


And, by the next decade, global projections observe that the alternative protein sector could be worth US$140 billion. 


Discovering the heartbeat of consumer sentiments, pulsating with insights on the sustainable meat revolution, will help brands inform their future strategies and understand ever-changing customer preferences better as sustainability becomes a stronger decisive factor in their purchasing decisions. Ignoring this trend isn't just overlooking an opportunity; it's a risk to your brand's relevance and resonance.



Join the conversation. Embrace sustainability. Transform your approach. This report declassifies the hidden demand behind some of the industry’s most sought-after innovative trends. 

Unlock this report to discover:
  • Industry background on modern meat alternatives
  • Global data on consumer sentiment behind sustainable meat
  • Key challenges for F&B brands to bridge consumer expectations and demand
  • A comprehensive examination of evolving consumer sentiments and the potential obstacles confronting brands