Diversification Redefining Beauty: Competitive Insights from a Social Listening Perspective

In the past, luxury cosmetics were synonymous with exclusivity, often commanding premium prices and projecting an image of unattainability.


Nonetheless, the beauty industry has undergone a notable shift, fundamentally redefining authentic luxury. In 2022, the luxury and prestige beauty market, characterized by its opulent offerings and premium products, recorded a substantial revenue of approximately $62.3 billion. Looking ahead, industry projections forecast a notable escalation, with the market anticipated to surge and hit the $87 billion mark by 2028, highlighting the persistent allure and growing demand for upscale beauty products, underlining the sector's sustained evolution and market expansion.

Brands must ensure that their messaging is coherent and that their values align with consumers' evolving preferences. Adapting to these changing consumer dynamics will be instrumental in maintaining relevance and competitiveness within the luxury cosmetics market.



Get key competitive insights in our report, which serves as a valuable roadmap for steering the course of the luxury cosmetics industry, pinpointing emerging trends that reflect shifting consumer preferences and the emergence of promising new sectors.

The industry report from Digimind analyzes the current competitive landscape spanning from celebrity-backed masstige lines to niche cosmetic products.

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  • Analysis of 5 brands that are contributing to the popularity of masstige brands
  • Social snapshot of key industry trends between mainstream luxury perfume brands and color cosmetics
  • Social highlights of existing consumer attitudes and perceptions of niche perfume brands
  • Comprehensive examination of evolving consumer sentiments and potential obstacles confronting brands