Consumer Sentiments on New Trends Impacting Retail

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the retail industry stands at the forefront of innovation, witnessing unprecedented changes that are revolutionizing the way we shop, connect, and experience the world of commerce.


The traditional brick-and-mortar store is no longer the sole battleground for retail supremacy. Today, consumers demand seamless, personalized, and immersive experiences, blending the physical and virtual realms into a harmonious retail universe. From augmented reality transforming how we interact with products to AI-powered personalization crafting bespoke shopping journeys, the retail landscape has undergone a metamorphosis like never before.


Global eCommerce penetration has already reached an all-time high, surpassing 30% of total retail sales — showcasing the growing preference of consumers for online shopping convenience and the increasing adoption of digital channels by retailers.

From the vibrant streets of bustling cities to the comfort of our homes, the way we shop is evolving faster than ever before. Consumer expectations, technological advancements, and shifting market dynamics are converging to create a perfect storm of innovation and disruption. As an astute retailer, entrepreneur, or industry enthusiast, you cannot afford to ignore these transformative shifts.



Get key insights into what customers are saying about the retail renaissance taking shape online. In what ways can retailers adjust to their audience's evolving viewpoints as they embrace novel advancements?

The industry report from Digimind analyzes the present customer sentiment towards emerging trends in retail, ranging from sustainability and cashless payments to artificial intelligence. Use it as a guide to navigate the future of retail—where innovation, technology, and customer-centricity converge to shape a shopping experience like never before.

Discover in this report:
  • Analysis of 9 trends that are reshaping the retail experience
  • Social snapshot of key industry developments
  • Social highlights of existing consumer attitudes and perceptions
  • Six simple truths on what retailers can expect while undergoing digital transformation