Guide: 3 Frameworks for Communicators

Implement 3 Frameworks to Understand Your Customer Base.

70% of marketers limit their measurement of success and satisfaction to surveys, neglecting ongoing tracking and analysis of results.


Failure to continuously track and analyze customer feedback not only results in missed opportunities for gathering invaluable data and insights but also effectively mutes the voices of your customers. By neglecting this crucial aspect of understanding your customer base, you risk being out of touch with their needs and preferences, ultimately hindering your ability to make informed decisions and drive successful marketing strategies.


Discover the strategies to prevent that.



Explore a plethora of consumer perspectives by engaging in social listening.


Dive into our guide, where we introduce three powerful social listening frameworks designed for marketers. These frameworks are customized to provide you with the necessary tools and methods to collect data, extract valuable insights, and accurately assess consumer sentiment with precision and effectiveness. 

Unlock this report to discover:
  • Harness the voice of consumers with social listening
  • Learn the value of technology to protect and enhance your brands
  • Stay ahead of the curve and align your PR, Communications, and Marketing strategies effectively.