Unlocking Consumer Sentiment Around 5G in APAC

Asia Pacific's mobile-first economy has seen a rise in online conversations around 5G, with Telcos at the fore pushing consumer adoption to make this new technology a norm.

While the universal promise of 5G means consumers could have access to more reliable and faster network connections, it begs the question of why markets across the region are stumbling on the 5G dilemma. Factors include infrastructure cost, health concerns, energy consumption, and unstable politics that threaten the future of 5G.

What is evident in the market right now is that their 4G predecessor still meets the needs of the everyday consumer, with network coverage boasting more than 80% in most countries and continues to grow, with even increased capacity and faster speeds. How do brands communicate value around 5G at a time when the digital economy is taking shape?

The case for Telcos to move significantly on 5G is compelling when observing sentiment from end users. Our consumer report studied social conversations around each key market, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines, from the first half of 2022.


The report broke down the demand for 5G in APAC and how Telcos and other tech brands across the telecommunications industry can leverage key insights to create communication strategies from customer service, marketing, and product innovation.

Discover in this report:
  • Industry background on 5G so far
  • Social highlights and audience breakdown of Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia
  • Current Share of Voice and Insights on 15 Telco Brands Across Each Market
  • Key challenges for Telcos to bridge consumer expectations and troubles