Analyzing Trends and Opportunities in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sector in the UK

The pharmaceutical market in the United Kingdom ranks in the top 10 national markets in the world and grew by an average of 6.8% per year in the last five years. Revenue is expected to continue increasing by 12.4% due to the growing demand for coronavirus tests and vaccinations. 


Pharmaceutical businesses must monitor and analyze significant trends in the UK market to maintain their competitiveness and take full advantage of the opportunities presented in the region.


Find out more about how pharmaceutical businesses can adopt real-time consumer data from social media in order to close the gaps in competitive and market intelligence. Social media intelligence can be a valuable avenue for market research when supplemented with conventional data sets like clinical trials, medical publications, and internal databases.


Discover in this report:
  • Healthcare issues consumers are talking and sharing about online

  • Key trends in consumer concerns and attitudes towards pharmaceutical and healthcare companies

  • How social media has impacted consumer relationships and trust

  • Key innovations in health technology that are gaining online traction