65dB Kuala Lumpur: Strategically Sculpting Actionable Insights with Social Listening

Operating within the framework of TBWA\Malaysia, 65dB Kuala Lumpur (KL) serves as an audience intelligence and strategy arm. TBWA stands as a prominent global advertising agency, renowned for its innovative campaigns that actively question the established norms and ignite shifts in culture.

At its core, 675dB aims to unearth invaluable insights and seamlessly translate consumer actions into meticulously crafted strategic guidance for clients. 


In 2023, 65dB's primary focus revolved around the official launch and collaboration establishment with their intelligence unit, Halal Wave, which specialized in catering to the preferences of the Muslim audience.


With the assistance of Digimind Historical Search, 65dB unearthed fresh growth opportunities for consumer dialogues, tapping into various perspectives, improving research methodologies, and sharpening strategic capabilities.


Furthermore, 65dB adeptly utilized social listening as an invaluable asset, showcasing TBWA's thought leadership and specialized proficiency. This strategic implementation not only underscored their expertise but also demonstrated their commitment to understanding and catering to their unique audience's preferences. 


Download this business case to delve into the remarkable journey undertaken by 65dB. 

Download this business case to learn:
  • Objectives and challenges of using social listening data

  • How 65dB employed persistent and skillful questioning to unveil latent narratives

  • The importance of enhancing their grasp of the audience's behavioral nuances

  • Identifying Key Opinion Leaders and tapping on their expertise in their relevant fields