2022 Social Digest on Asia Pacific's Luxury Goods Market

The Asian luxury market in 2023 will undergo significant changes due to various factors, including high inflation and a looming recession, evolving consumer trends, the emergence of boutique luxury brands, and a shift toward digital channels. These developments are shaping a new competitive landscape for global luxury brands as they ramp up new marketing strategies.


How's the forecast looking for the luxury market in Asia Pacific in 2023, compared to 2022, as the region continues to open up post-Covid?



Digimind's latest industry report provides insight into where Luxury brands can maximize marketing messaging and strategy based on consumer behavior in 2022. This social digest reveals consumers' online share of voice and sentiment in Asia Pacific: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines.



Through this industry report, you will find data statistics related to luxury goods in the abovementioned countries, including trends and consumer behaviors.



Unlock this guide to discover:
  • APAC countries with the most-discussed luxury brands online
  • Key trends in 2022 within APAC
  • Developments on key partnerships and influences
  • Shifts in consumer behavior