APAC 2021 in Review: Consumer Brand Footprint Ranking

In the face of the current pandemic, what did 2021 look like for different brands and enterprises, and what have they done to keep up with an ever-changing business climate?

2021 was a year faced with a myriad of obstacles for many businesses, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to persist. However, many significant brands and enterprises have trudged on within the past year despite the uncertainty and found themselves adapting to the new normal. Brands that garnered the most social buzz displayed great tenacity and created unique and memorable experiences along their consumers’ buying journey.


As companies navigate uncharted waters, big data usage becomes ever more vital as companies aim to anticipate future market developments while keeping up with pliant trends. Important insights derived from data enable brands to speak the same language as their audience and maintain strong relevance


What are your customers saying about you? Where do you stand against your competitors? Or are you leveraging social insights to find out what truly matters to your audience? When it comes to understanding your audience, social insights are essential in enabling your brand to maintain thought leadership and be at the forefront while staying in trend with consumer expectations. Find out what truly matters to your consumers and discover learnings that could bring forth considerable progress in the new year ahead. 


In this dedicated year in review, we provide a succinct overview of brands ranked around the web and social media in the Asia Pacific region in 2021, diving into key markets, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Discover social conversations that highlight what truly matters in consumer-centric industries, alongside a comprehensive analysis of key mentions, brands’ share of voice, and unique positionings.

Unlock this report to discover:
  • Key insights surrounding the consumer landscape in 2021
  • Important social insights into top 20 most-discussed brands
  • Comprehensive analysis of key mentions, brands’ share of voice, and unique positionings
  • Social buzz surrounding top leading brands
  • Top 3 powerful strategies for actionable historical data