Mining the Impact of Social Media on Cryptocurrency in Asia Pacific

Cryptocurrency amid the new normal skyrocketed in its market capitalization since the turn of 2021. Within the last six months, financial enthusiasts navigating the cryptocurrency landscape braced for what seems to be a surge in interest among retail investors looking to enter and profit from this dynamic digital asset.


The current, significant appreciation of cryptocurrency epitomizes a time when trust around digitalization and technology has become increasingly accepted—or essential to keeping pace with new opportunities—rather than what it was perceived before as risky, or merely a rush for fool’s gold. With many consumers in Asia Pacific now more or less homebound, people are afforded excess time and money, along with the convenience to educate themselves about this alternative investment.


The future of cryptocurrency is optimistic as more traditional financial institutions and large enterprises are beginning to embrace virtual currencies and develop their operations for widespread adoption. Be it through building network infrastructure or simply offering more accessibility for their consumers to transact cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services, cryptocurrency is changing the way consumers think about how money is valued and owned.


Are your customers talking about your brand concerning the services rendered when it comes to cryptocurrency? Or where does your brand make contingencies while adapting to cryptocurrency changes? When it comes to first-hand research, social media is a goldmine for insightful, actionable data that can propel your brand forward while staying in trend with consumer expectations.

Digimind's report investigates the social landscape relating to cryptocurrency so far, peering into consumer attitudes towards this virtual asset, including social insights on consumer sentiment over the past two years, social media's increasing impact on the crypto market, and a share of voice matrix on top cryptocurrencies.

Discover in this report:
  • Social snapshot of the cryptocurrency landscape in APAC
  • Evolution of cryptocurrency buzz overtime
  • Social media hotspots related to cryptocurrency
  • Social media's influence on the current crypto market
  • 3 key strategies for brands to become investor-centric