admin - Oct 3, 2011

Techcrunch features Digimind

TechCrunch has featured Digimind's infographic about micro-blogging in China and the competitive play-off between Sina Weibo and Tencent.

"Digimind,  a solution provider that offers competitive intelligence as well as e-reputation, data mining and social media monitoring, has whipped up a nifty little infographic that gives us a peek into the Weibo War, and how the leaders stack up against Twitter."

Read the article in full here:

Digimind specializes in competitive intelligence and web-based monitoring software that helps organizations to automate the process of collecting, analyzing and publishing critical information. Digimind is essential to any organization that seeks to enhance its market position and corporate reputation through ongoing monitoring of market trends and indicators, customer requirements and the competitive landscape. Digimind has an international presence to serve the needs of its global client base with offices in Boston, Paris, Singapore and Rabat.


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