admin - Apr 11, 2013

Digimind and SharePoint: Combine the power and utility of the two tools

Companies are increasingly global, with people working on the same projects often in different offices in different countries and even in different time zones.  The need to work effectively together online has never been more important.

Responding to this business need, Digimind has developed a way to seamlessly integrate Digimind into your company’s SharePoint.  This will bring you the power and benefits of Digimind straight into your company’s working environment and directly to the people who need to use it.

SharePoint from Microsoft lets people working in the same company share ideas, discover answers and track what their colleagues are working on.  You can use it to publish content and keep in touch with colleagues from a mobile phone, table or computer.

Integrating the power of Digimind into this collaborative platform will help your team members share their CI work and publish the information they find and / or develop using Digimind.




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