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November 2016 - Digimind Social: US States Map for a Better Audience Segmentation

To maintain our objective of continuously improving our software’s features, this month we’re bringing you a new data visualization map on Digimind Social: the Map of the US States.

Whether you want to discover which states Trump won on social media or gauge consumer reactions to a product launch in particular US areas, our new Map of the US states will allow you to better identify which states drive the most important conversations and understand regional consumer behavior.

How should you invest your marketing budget for your location-based marketing campaigns? In which states do you have the highest/lowest customer satisfaction level? What brand messaging should you develop based on regional characteristics? How can you gain market shares from your competitors in key strategic US areas?

By analyzing conversations by state, Digimind Social now allows you to:

- Understand where your brand and products have been mentioned the most

- Perform location-based market research

- Identify demographic characteristics of new audience segments

- Discover regional trends

- Measure your share of voice against competitors by state

- Refine your targeted advertising based on consumer feedback in key US areas for a better impact of your marketing campaigns


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