Maria Akla - Apr 12, 2022

Digimind Constantly Invests in Youth Training


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Based on the principle: "Today's youth, tomorrow's leaders", Digimind, as a committed company, has made youth training one of its priorities, and remains attentive to its trainees throughout the year.

Training future leaders

The internships offered by Digimind allow young people to discover the professional world by working with specialists, who are best placed to guide the interns and develop their careers, both in the mid and long term. This boosts their working knowledge, and autonomy, and consequently, to become accomplished professionals and future leaders.


A source of innovative ideas

In addition to the benefits of the internship for the young people, Digimind invests in their training allowing the company on one hand to identify ideal job profiles for the company, and on the other hand, to exploit their curiosity by examining their questions, which can be sources of innovative ideas to find new growth opportunities for the company itself.


How does it feel to be an intern at Digimind?

The following testimonials illustrate the experiences of some of our interns:


Marion Gras_idg


Marion Gras is French and an Intern in the HR Department 

“What I love about Digimind is that there is always something to do and you’ll never get bored. Working in an international enterprise allows me to gain a lot of experience and improve my English as well. There is a very good work atmosphere where everyone is caring, and there is a lot of mutual support; that's what I like the most about Digimind. I think that feeling good at work is essential and makes you want to work even more, and I'm delighted that it's that way at Digimind with an amazing work environment.”


Sarah Heid_idg


Sarah Heid is German and an Intern in the Sales Department 

"I really like being an intern at Digimind! This very international team is extremely welcoming, supportive, and friendly. The lovely people at Digimind make the company and my internship so enjoyable. The best part is that I’m getting the guidance and training to do my job efficiently while also having the freedom to work independently on the topics I’m interested in. The thorough onboarding process helped me a lot in understanding the dynamics of Digimind, the different roles in the company, and the products as well. The ongoing support from my team is amazing. I can ask any question and get immediate help but at the same time, I can also include my own ideas into the workflow. All in all, I really enjoy my time at Digimind and I feel like I’m learning a lot that will also be helpful in the future."


Olivia Kingue_idg

Olivia Kingue is Cameroonian and an Intern in the Legal Department

"Being part of Digimind is about having the opportunity to join an international environment. As an intern, you assume full responsibilities for the company's growth, yet are surrounded by a considerate environment where everyone is willing to educate, teach, and work with you. It truly is an instructive and an enjoyable experience."




Henriette Carvalho is French and an intern in the Consulting Department: 

"It’s been 3 months now that I’ve been a Digiminder and it feels delightful so far. I have had the possibility to meet people, learn plenty of things, and work with different clients.  As an intern in the Consulting team, I often use Digimind’s platforms, Digimind Social (DS) and Digimind Intelligence (DI) and I find it cool to have access to these exclusive platforms. It might have seemed a bit complicated at first but once I got used to it, I just love to play around with both the DS and DI platforms. The Digimind Team is the best because they made me comfortable and they really helped me learn everything about the tools, and how to be a better guide for our clients. I am very grateful for everyone in this company and so glad to be part of it."

And when do you stay at Digimind?
We are also proud to share with you some words coming from the great people we recruited and who started as interns!


Quentin Reant_idg


Quentin Reant, Product Manager

"Working at Digimind has been impactful in the growth of my career, presenting me with dynamic opportunities to evolve both geographically and functionally over the past 5 years.


My journey started as an HR intern in my hometown, Grenoble. At the end of my internship, I was offered a permanent role which later progressed as an HR Partner based in our Singapore office. I then found a passion for the technical side of Digimind and progressed as a solutions consultant in our Paris office. Today, I evolved further to become a Product Manager. I’m particularly grateful for the trust Digimind has placed in me allowing me to grow in ways I could not have imagined. I love working for such a diverse and innovative company that has managed to keep its entrepreneurial spirit throughout all these years."


Jerome Maish_idg


Jerome Maisch is VP, North America

"Working at Digimind has been a fantastic journey. I was given the opportunity to learn many aspects of the business and grow within the company with great guidance from my managers. It’s a very collaborative work environment where teams from all over the world help each other and share their best practices, helping you develop your skills, and become more agile and creative on an ongoing basis. People at Digimind care for each other and I am extremely proud of being part of the DigiFamily. "


Are you looking for an internship? Consult our list of proposals on the careers page. We are always looking for new talent!


Written by Maria Akla