Aurelien Blaha - Jun 9, 2020

Digimind Included in AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence Solutions Report

NEW YORK, June 9, 2020 - Digimind, a global leader in social listening and market & competitive intelligence software, has been selected in Forrester’s Report “New Tech: AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence Solutions, Q2 2020”. The report provides an overview of 26 vendors representing this emerging market category.


As defined by Forrester, consumer intelligence solutions incorporate and productize AI/machine learning (ML) and rules- or template-based capabilities that:

  • Cut across data silos, focusing on market researchers’ and Consumer Insights (CI) pros’ needs;
  • Speed up data-to-insights and cut to the chase: insights that apply to outcomes;
  • Deliver insights types that power democratization and decision making.


Digimind’s solutions have been addressing these business challenges through:

  • Role-based solutions for CI pros and market researchers through our dedicated Consumer Insights and Trend Tracking & Innovation solutions;
  • AI/ML-enabled solutions speeding up data-to-insights and insights-to-action with the Digimind AI Sense capabilities;
  • Breaking silos and democratizing insights deliverables with the Digimind Marketplace, which integrates data from Digimind into existing CRM, VoC and BI work environments.
“After being included by Forrester in the Social Listening Platforms and Market & Competitive Intelligence Platforms categories, we are excited to see Digimind now identified in the New Tech AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence Solutions category. We believe Digimind’s unique combination of consumer intelligence, market intelligence and competitive intelligence is what sets us apart from the competition.” said Paul Vivant, Co-founder and CEO of Digimind. “Our aim, by drawing together these three forms of intelligence into one common view, is to allow our clients to have a holistic overview of their business environment so they are better able to address potential opportunities and looming threats, and develop a competitive advantage” he added.

The “New Tech: AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence Solutions, Q2 2020” report is available to Forrester customers or for purchase at:

The webinar “Move At The Speed Of The Customer With AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence Solutions” presented by Forrester Principal Analyst Cinny Little on Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 11:00 AM-11:40 AM Eastern time (17:00-17:40 Central European Summer Time) is available to Forrester customers or for purchase at:


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