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    Digimind sees Competitive intelligence (CI) or Market Intelligence (MI) as a process that gives companies the ability to gather, analyze information about products, customers, competitors and to transform it into actionable decisions.
    For being effective and for leading to a competitive edge, CI must detect market signals early and from any source of information.
    In that regard, the Digimind CI platform offers CI practitioners a solution to automatically monitor and analyze in real-time the sources and the topics they pick and as soon as they surface from the web.
    Competitive Intelligence has many ramifications within companies and may be used for CTI (Competitive Technical Intelligence), brand management (e-reputation), risk management (Read more).

    • Competitive Technical intelligence:
      Digimind gives users the jump on technological developments that affect their IP, products, processes, customers, suppliers, etc.
    • E-Reputation:
      Digimind helps brands managers to gather and analyze information about product and company reputations by immediately identifying positive and negative buzz so they take actions before they spread to far on the web.
    • Mergers and acquisitions:
      Digimind provides users with the ability to quickly research potential merger and acquisition candidates, customers, partners, suppliers, etc.
    • Business development:
      Digimind identifies revenue opportunities by identifying executive appointments, new projects, requests for proposals, plant opening etc.
    • Risk management:
      Digimind provides intelligence about regulatory market, IP or trademark infringement, counterfeits, litigation, and political uncertainties.

    Digimind installs strategic competitive intelligence systems for the biggest groups operating within numerous sectors of activity .
    We develop and propose customised business-line solutions in order to meet the specific requirements of each company and industry,  in particular:

    Pharmaceutical industry
    Insurance Industry
    Banking Industry
    Food and Beverages
    Telecom Industry

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