Watchlist: Benefits

  • The Watchlist works toward keeping the whole company in “the know”.  With both intelligence teams and other departments benefiting from the Watchlist, the disconnect that at one time may have existed is now obsolete.  Departments are now able to work together more efficiently and effectively resulting in better decision making skills and a better knowledge of their industry. Some of the key benefits include:

    End Users:

    Better Informed, Timely Users: The Watchlist makes it easy for colleagues to stay up to date with intelligence information when they want and about what they want. Better informed employees, results in better decision making.

    Watching the Watchlist: Since the Watchlist has the ability to be tractable, intelligence teams are able to see exactly what information is being read by their colleagues.  The Watchlist can report which channels are being subscribed to and what content is being read.  This helps to prepare future information and filter out information that isn’t providing benefits- inherently streamlining the research on the intelligence end.

    Information with a Sky-High Limit: With access to an extensive library of information and self-identified sources the content that can be provided through the Watchlist is extraordinary. End Users are able to subscribe to pertinent channels setup by the intelligence team, as well as a variety of outside channels for additional information.

    Intelligence Teams & Managers:

    Instant Feedback, Pragmatic Intelligence: The Watchlist provides instant results that overtime can be analyzed to reveal subscriber trends. Since each channel provides subscribing and reading figures, intelligence teams will know quickly if the information they are providing is being used by their colleagues effectively.

    A Collective Intelligence: Intelligence is powered by business experts to ensure that a high quality of information is being conveyed.   The Watchlist will report on the types of channels that end users are creating for their own custom Watchlists.  Intelligence teams will be able to see trends in channel topics created, making it easier for them to conduct research and provide content.

    A Simple Implementation: The Watchlist automatically gets delivered to the inbox of all end users once a day with real-time information.  There’s not scheduling or sending maintenance required.  Everyone is staying informed with one, simple email per day.

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