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Profile Manager

  • Why Digimind Profile Manager?


    Nowadays, digital information is unstructured, rapidly changing, and spread over multiple types of web-sources causing corporations to spend a lot of time and money to assemble and share up-to-date data about their competitors, customers, markets or products. Among few viable options, many corporations use spreadsheets to handle such competitive intelligence templates (E.g.: company profiles, product sheets or SWOT templates).

    While these spreadsheets were convenient in the past, new constraints in information workflows highlight some limitations to the current copy/paste methods still-in-use:

    • How to aggregate heterogeneous and interconnected information in a structured manner?
      Information about corporations, products, market, consumers come in the form of news, PRs, images, videos, tweets streams, tables and emails that spreadsheets do not handle very well.
      How to aggregate this data in an efficient manner?
    • How to handle the need for sharing up-to-date information?
      Competitive information changes constantly and it is quite cumbersome and time-consuming to maintain current data.
      How to update profiles in a timely manner and how to ensure collaborators access the most recent information regarding products, competitors, customers, patents or clinical trials?
    • Analysis of unstructured data
      The analysis of unstructured data has become critical.
      How to benchmark products, corporations, how to identify the brightest and best talent to hire?

    Profile Manager is a solution to automatically manage, maintain, and compare web-based profiles for companies, products, people, and other business related templates (SWOT, Porter’s Five Force, …).

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