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    Information that could help companies expand markets or fend off competitive threats is constantly surfacing.

    So how are busy professionals to find the time to continuously search and then organize information from thousands of sites that could, at any given moment, present critical information?

    The Digimind data collection module draws information from more than half a million qualified sources to which users can easily add or subtract. Advanced algorithms for clustering, event analysis, and language detection—used for extracting and structuring content—greatly increase the amount of valuable information.

    Digimind can be configured to automatically extract key players, new products, events, sales opportunities, etc. Information is captured and immediately archived so that it is instantly retrievable at any point. With a software-as-a-service interface, the Digimind platform can be configured and ready to use within a few hours.

    By automating the process of receiving alerts from as many sources and topics as needed, competitive intelligence practitioners can expand their monitoring scope fifty-fold and receive information faster while spending a fraction of the time required to do so manually.

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