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    Reputation is most important intangible asset you own and the one most businesses take for granted. It is difficult to measure, manage and protect, but failure to do so can have catastrophic results. Reputational damage impacts on a company’s share price, customer goodwill, investor confidence and ultimately reduces profitability. No business can afford to ignore the importance of reputation management.

    • In the word of 24 hour news cycles and instant access to information, there are a myriad of risks to manage from innumerable sources. The scale of information being produced and disseminated online every day is breathtaking. It’s an impossible task for companies to monitor all the conversations which are taking place about their product or brand on social networks, blogs and consumer review sites. The unprecedented growth of Twitter and Facebook has transferred considerable power and influence to consumers and the associated reputational risks for businesses have to be managed carefully.
    • Digimind tracks what people are saying about brands, companies and their products so that CI practitioners, CMOs and PR Managers can immediately identify opportunities and threats. If a false rumor or negative narrative is being spread about a brand or product, it can be rebutted before it gains traction and wide circulation. It is vital that companies pay attention to online chatter regarding their brand in order to counter negative sentiment and contribute towards a positive public perception.
    • With the right tools for effective sentiment analysis and social media monitoring, brand managers and market intelligence professionals can focus on promoting a favorable narrative about their brands, companies, and products.

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