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  • Digimind Partners with El País to Measure Public Sentiment of the 2017 Catalan Elections

    Inés Arrimadas, Oriol Junqueras and Carles Puigdemont rank in this order as the most commonly mentioned on Twitter in that order

    MADRID, December 22, 2017Digimind recently partnered with PRISA, a global Spanish and Portuguese media group and the official public opinion aggregator, for coverage around the Catalan elections. Using Digimind Social, El País, the most influential Spanish newspaper which is operated by PRISA media group, analyzed online conversations during the electoral process and its staff is crafting content based on findings before, during, and after the election. Focusing primarily on Twitter, the newspaper monitored more than 55,000 mentions, especially those discussing the eight candidates. The analysis revealed that 54 percent of all mentions have been focused on only three of these eight candidates.


    Catalan Election Twitter Findings

    According to data aggregated with Digimind Social, Inés Arrimadas (19% share of voice), Oriol Junqueras (18%), and Carles Puigdemont (17%) are the candidates made up the majority of Twitter conversations occurring during the week leading up to the election on December 21. Carles Riera and Marta Rovira trailed behind Arrimadas, Junqueras, and Puigdemont throughout the same period.

    Top hashtags used when discussing the top three candidates included:

    • Inés Arrimadas: # DebatTV3, #Vote, #IsPresident, and #OurFutureEurope
    • Oriol Junqueras: #LibertyPolitics, #DebatTV3, and #Puigdemont
    • Carles Puigdemont: #president, #WakeUpEurope, and #LibertyPolitics

    The word ‘independence’ accounted for a 78 percent of the share of voice among key terms, with much larger volume than other tagged keywords, with ‘electoral program’ and ‘pact’ at 5.4 percent and ‘constitution’ at 5.3 percent.

    The term independence was also highly associated with conversations regarding the top three candidates. Terms such as corruption tended to be fairly evenly distributed across conversation regarding all of these candidates as well.


    The Catalan Election’s International Influence

    The Catalan election is raising a large volume of conversation within Catalan, as well as internationally. According to analysis within Digimind Social, The Economist was the top influencer involved in relevant conversation, followed by CNN in Spanish, ABC News, and El País.

    According to analysis based purely on volume of mentions, the top ten media outlets receiving the most Twitter mentions are, in order: La Vanguardia,, Europa Press , the Sixth News, Public, Antena3 News, The Confidential, teleSUR TV, El Pais and

    For more information on how Digimind Social enables brands and agencies to transform social and online data into actionable business insights, please visit the company website.


    About Digimind

    Digimind is the leading social media listening and competitive intelligence software, designed for brands and agencies who want to accelerate digital transformation through an insights-driven approach. Recognized by Forrester and Gartner, Digimind’s best-in-class technology transforms social and online data into actionable business insights, enabling marketers to effectively plan, execute, and analyze their marketing strategy.

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