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  • Digimind launches the next generation of social media command centers

    NEW YORK, September 29th, 2015 – Digimind, the award-winning global social intelligence company, announces the launch of its social media command centers. This new advance changes the way companies present their social media data at live events or within the workplace via multi-screen displays of captivating visualizations.

    It is very exciting to be taking real-time social media data from Digimind that top brands have been relying on for years and repackaging it into a wowing exposition of trending themes and statistics,” says Paul Vivant, CEO of Digimind, “Our command centers make data appealing, understandable, and accessible on a grand scale. We believe we have the most eye-catching, convincing displays on the market.

    The number one goal of corporate social media teams is to engage their target audience. Digimind’s social media command centers leverage this opportunity at sporting events, trade shows, concerts, and other live events by putting a spotlight on social media communication. Viewers are presented with trending hashtags, relevant social media channels to connect with, live Tweets and mentions, and the most important alerts.

    Within a company, social media data offers insights into every department, from product development to sales and customer service. Digimind command centers within the workplace are an innovative solution for delivering valuable information from the social web to keep employees up-to-date as well as to break down silos and promote cross-departmental information flows. The dynamic displays animate workplaces while putting valuable knowledge at employees’ fingertips.

    Key application areas:

    – Live events/trade shows: broadcast alerts, hashtags, and trending themes

    – Internal communication: communicate corporate campaigns, promote social media participation among employees, and convey actionable data for a wide range of departments

    – Crisis/PR management: simultaneously track numerous metrics such as volume, sentiment, influencers, and media pickup


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