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  • SLA Conference 2011: Digimind Highlights

    Digimind exhibited at the Special Librarians Association for the second time (  (  The conference was held at the Philly convention center in Philadelphia, PA on June. 12-14, 2011 and was attended by about 2500 professionals.

    • During the conference Digimind discussed the various issues information professionals face while trying to leverage internet data: time spent on web searches, time spent on aggregating content from multiple web sources, time spent on extracting content, time spent on cataloging and structuring information. Digimind’s solution can easily automate those tasks.
    • In addition to Digimind’s presence in the main exhibition hall, Chris Hote, Digimind Inc’s CEO, held a seminar about the links between librarians and competitive intelligence. This session took place on Jun. 14 in the context of the SLA-CI group: How Can Special Librarians Leverage Web Intelligence and Incorporate CI Insights
    • The next SLA conference will take place in Chicago in July 2012. We are looking forward to meeting you at the next opportunity in the windy city!

    About Digimind
    Profitable since its inception, the 50% annual growth rate multi-awarded Digimind Company markets competitive intelligence solutions to face the challenge of exploiting the explosion of digital information. The web-based Digimind platform is the only integrated solution that automates all repetitive intelligence activities from data collection to information management, analysis and sharing.With over 200 customers and a global presence through its sites in Paris, Grenoble, Rabat and Boston Digimind offers a solution for all business functions of the company and is an efficient tool for strategic decision.

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