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  • iStrategy pre-game interview

    In preparation for the iStrategy Conference in London, Digimind sat down with their very own Danny House to find out about the 2-day event and how he plans to make an impact.

    Here’s what you need to know:
    Who: Danny House, Social Media and CI Consultant at Digimind, London
    Where: iStrategy Conference, Twickenham Stadium, London
    When: Monday 30th September – Tuesday 1st October

    ‘Hi Danny, how are you feeling about the upcoming iStrategy Conference?’

    Danny: I’m really excited to be attending – iStrategy is a great event. It connects globally recognized speakers from pioneering companies and digital marketing decision makers in order to facilitate the sharing of new ideas, technologies and ways of thinking. I’ll be taking along some groupies; Digimind’s Community Manager, Katerina Malinova, and our Consultant Manager, Alexis Muller, and I’ve had a haircut so I think Digimind will be very well represented at the 2 day conference.

    ‘Fantastic hair, Danny; I’m sure the 500 senior marketing decision makers at the iPitch event will love it! How else are you going to impress them?’

    D: Well, as you know, at the iPitch event on Monday I’ll have 6 minutes to pitch Digimind’s latest technology, and I’ll be competing against 5 other people from separate companies, who will be pitching a new idea, technology or way of thinking. I think my belief in the product, and my ability to communicate exactly what we can do for people looking to execute a fully integrated digital marketing strategy will set me apart from my competitors, but we can also use more imaginative means like video, audio, technology, audience participation and props. I’m not giving anything away right now though – you’ll have to come along to get the full Danny House experience.  After I’ve given my presentation, I’ll be grilled by a panel of experts and take questions from the audience who will then vote for the winning pitch. They’re a tough crowd and they know their stuff but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to impress them.

    ‘We can’t wait to see what you’ve got lined up. The iPitch event is on Monday, so what will you be doing for the rest of the conference?’

    D: I’d imagine the rest of the conference will be a combination of panels, presentations and meeting new people.  We will have a booth in the centre of the conference room, so people shouldn’t hesitate to come and talk to us and find out more about our company and our products.  My colleagues Katerina and Alexis will be circulating too so there’ll be lots of opportunities for people to find out more about us and talk about social media more generally: I know most people there will have innovative ideas themselves.

    ‘Thanks Danny, and Good Luck’


    Follow our Digiminders on Twitter for all the latest from iStrategy!
    Danny House: @DannyHouseCI
    Katerina Malinova: @CatalinkaM
    Alexis Muller: @alexigoessocial

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