The Most Human Company Wins In 2021

This program by the marketing legend, Mark Schaefer, will change the way companies and organizations look at marketing, sales, advertising, and customer experience overall.

Based on his brilliant new book, Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins, Mark Schaefer takes each audience on a discovery of surprising consumer realities. Weaving research with entertaining stories, Mark shows how an entirely new mindset is needed to meaningfully connect with customers in a revolution to transform conventional marketing, advertising, and PR.


Participants, through a professionally interactive discussion, will expand their understanding of just what an integral role that consumers, cultures, and storytelling plays in their marketing, sales, and customer service experiences.


Watch this insightful session and:
  • How marketing, advertising, sales, customer engagement, and customer loyalty have changed forever
  • That two-thirds of your marketing is occurring without you
  • Why this revolution is redefining the business landscape
  • About a more human-centric approach to marketing
  • How Social Listening can help your company become more human
  • How to build a brilliant business when your customers are in charge