Social Listening 101: Gain insights into Brand Reputation, Campaign Performance and Influencer Identification.

The amount of conversation on social media and the internet has increased rapidly over the last few years. Companies are using social listening platforms to better understand consumer opinions and behaviour.

For most professionals, it is proving too time-consuming to turn these growing volumes of data into actionable insights. By using social listening, professionals can do this important work more easily and effectively.


You've heard of Social Listening, but you want to see concrete use cases where social listening gets you results and drives progress?
We are here to help. Let's talk about three important aspects of Social Listening:

Brand Reputation, Campaign Analysis, Influencer Identification and more...

Join Us And Discover:
 We'll answer some of your lingering questions:
  • What is Social Listening?
  • What are specific use cases?
  • How can I monitor and increase brand reputation and share of voice?
  • What are the benefits of social listening for campaign performance?
  • To what extent does social listening support influencer marketing?