Finding Certainty in Asia Pacific's "New Normal" with Consumer Trends and Top Brands on Social

Half a year into the worst pandemic of the decade, Asia Pacific is beginning to find her footing once more. Although most countries have partially reopened, it will take time as economists and governments lay hopeful for a vaccine, and the opportunity to give their economies the boost they need.

Consumers are fast adapting to the reality that is the “new normal”. Digitalization has seen established businesses adopt new ways of operating. From e-retail emerging as a go-to alternative to brick and mortar stores, to media streaming platforms bridging the gap between brands and audiences. Businesses worldwide have had to make a radical leap to transform digitally, so as to not come to a standstill.


With new industry standards and perspectives, what does the future hold for businesses looking to innovate in this unprecedented era of change?


For your business to propel forward by investing in new technology and forging new partnerships, this report gives a glimpse into potential successes, opportunities, and risks to thrive in a post-lockdown world.

Unlock this report to discover:
  • Key social figures around Covid-19 and post-lockdown conversations in Asia Pacific 
  • Top 3 emotions and priorities discussed on social media
  • Deep-dives into 3 industries poised to thrive post-Covid: e-retail, online entertainment and media streaming, and fitness
  • Top brand analysis