Amazon's Secret Growth Marketing Strategies In Surviving The Pandemic & Beyond

2020 was an interesting year (to say the least) for many e-commerce retailers, including Amazon. In particular, with the pandemic accelerating adoption of online shopping in grocery, focusing on doing what's best for the customer while driving growth for the category meant pivoting, reacting and anticipating the needs of many. Rose Jia, Head of Growth Marketing for Amazon Grocery, was able to lead her team through the pandemic and drive growth by focusing on customer needs, scaling growth channels, and investing in the future—abilities she has attributed to being a “Renaissance Marketer."


Watch this insightful session and:
  • Learn how to understand your customers and develop the best content
  • Discover how to identify top drivers of growth and scale effectively
  • Explore ways to invest in the future
  • Leverage your innate "Renaissance Marketer" capabilities to drive innovation