2021: The Year Of Change & Engage

Businesses and industry professionals are feeling a lot of things right now due to the hampered economy that’s catching up from 2020 - like uncertainty and caution. We bet you are too. Now brands will need to make the ultimate decision going forward that will determine their success: adapt and evolve with changing consumer behaviors, or get left behind. With customer conversations rapidly shifting to digital platforms, marketing and insights professionals need new ways to listen to people, and glean real time insights..

Don’t get left behind! Join marketing titans like Ritesh Patel from Ogilvy, Elly Moody from McDonald’s, and Michael Brito from Zeno Group, for a timely discussion on important changes from 2020 that greatly impact us today, and explore exciting new ways to become an evolutionary marketer this year.


Watch this panel discussion to learn:
  • Changes in social algorithms, and their impacts on brands
  • How to focus on community building
  • The best means of brand communication during crises
  • A thorough understanding of research digitization, and its importance for marketing and insights professionals
  • More ways to dive deep into focus areas for customer experiences in 2021
  • How to meet the needs of your digital consumer base
  • Success stories regarding digital brand evolution