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Digimind Profile Manager: Detailed features

  • Profile editing and maintenance

    • Free creation of template
      Users can create brand, company, market, organization, people, product or project sheets at any time.
    • User-defined templates
      Users can adapt Digimind profiles to existing templates already in use at their organization – with an Excel® import function designed for that specific purpose, customization is seamless.
    • Automatic and continuous profile updates
      Profiles are composed of fields that can be automatically updated from web monitoring agents or edited manually by experts at users’ discretion.
    • Field intelligence and collaboration
      At any time, designated users can edit, enrich, and modify content of profiles, adding information from the field (i.e. conferences, primary sources, trade shows) or from discussions with clients. Profiles can be exported to Excel® or PDF for further reporting or analysis.


    Digimind profiles are interconnected – cross-profile navigation is virtually seamless – starting from a company profile, users can access profiles of executives, get through lists of clinical trials or patents in which the company is involved or has a stake.

    Dynamic benchmarks

    Benchmarking profiles against multiple criteria takes only a few clicks. By selecting relevant criteria (date, market, price) users can easily produce comparison tables on the fly from matching profiles.

    Search engine

    The Digimind profile manager includes an exclusive and powerful search engine – search parameters are based on advanced semantic filters (categories and profile fields) and can be reused easily.


    Digimind profiles are accessed through a web-based interface and thus available to authorized users at any time, anywhere. Additionally, Digimind profiles can be used within dashboards along with other intelligence pieces including, but not limited to alert threads, analytics, and searches from the internet.

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