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Data Visualization by Digimind

  • Data Visualization by Digimind :

    • While intelligence practitioners spend a lot of time slicing and dicing data for upper management reporting, Digimind Competitive Intelligence Software offers a simple solution based on real-time graphs and charts. At any time, upper management consult profiled dashboards including automatically updated graphs and charts and focusing on their business areas.Besides the fact the time savings for the intelligence practitioners is substantial, shared dashboards also encourage collaborative intelligence and help corporations to increase their digital assets.
    • Technical addendum:
      Digimind graphs and charts are used daily for multiple purposes including brand and product management, market trend, technology trend, geographical analysis through time line, pie-chart, bar-chart, tree-map, bubble-chart, maps, and many others.At any time, intelligence practitioners can tailor the Digimind graphs and charts so they reflect their taxonomies and get fed by the web-sources they wish (regular web, web 2.0, deep web, and subscribed web services).

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