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    DIGIMIND’s consulting services help with every phase of a project. Although technology is essential, a comprehensive intelligence program still needs a human intelligence element. To be successful, an intelligence system must be designed to work in a multi-disciplinary, cross-functional manner. Aid and consulting are necessary throughout the project in order to prepare a new intelligence program or structure.

    On account of their considerable expertise, Digimind’s competitive intelligence professionals have experience implementing intelligence systems for many types of organizations. From the large group to the small- or medium-sized business – all over the globe – Digimind has supervised the implementation of numerous intelligence projects. Its approach can be summarized in three key words: Expertise, Pragmatism, and Simplicity.

    Basic structure of the project

    Depending on an organization’s needs, DIGIMIND generally proposes the following action plan in five stages:

    Definition of the project : Preparing all the elements of the intelligence project. Digimind helps and advises on the organization of intelligence systems.

    Structuring of the intelligence system : defining the principal aspects of the intelligence system. We aid you with the definition and the laying of the foundations of your intelligence system in order to provide it with a structure. This stage is essential to guarantee the success of the project. An audit can be carried out beforehand.

    Training : In order to master the intricacies of the intelligence system, Digimind offers training tailored to the profiles and needs of employees to help them grasp the most important methodological concepts.

    Analysis of information : Knowledge management for decision making purposes is a crucial element in the design of intelligence operations and systems. During the initial analysis and benchmarking, Digimind lets practitioners fully leverage the intelligence and knowledge they have accumulated – helping stakeholders to make the best-informed strategic and tactical decisions they can.

    Monitoring of the project : Maintaining the longevity of the intelligence system means real added value – during regular meeting with Digimind consultants, practitioners learn how to ensure the longevity of an intelligence project’s effectiveness.

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