Map: Top pharma and healthcare sources on the web

Digimind, the leading provider* of market intelligence solutions, has been helping companies implement and deploy intelligence projects for the last 10 years.

Map: Top pharma and healthcare sources on the web


  • For internet monitoring, Digimind offers a broad spectrum of sources to track that are qualified by sectoral experts. For many years, Digimind consultants have capitalized their perfect understanding of the sources and concepts essential to keeping up with the ever-changing internet.
  • Since pharmaceutical companies have formed the essential client base of Digimind for many years already, Digimind specialists have developed a high level of expertise in that field and have worked with some of the largest pharmaceutical laboratories and healthcare companies, eg. AstraZeneca, Sanofi Synthelabo, Roche Pharma, GSK Bio, Sanofi Aventis, Virbac, Orkyn’ and Sanofi Pasteur.
  • To present the incredible wealth of internet sources in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors, Digimind consultants create maps of the sources, enabling viewers to gain a rapid understanding of the diverse types of content to be incorporated into the intelligence process (websites, blogs, forums, databases, online magazines and portals etc).
  • The map of the Top Pharmaceutical Sources on the Web shows a sample of the few hundred sources devoted to the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries, taken from the thousands used by Digimind Services in this sector (PDF high resolution).

* per number of customers and their income


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