Baidu vs. Google [Infographic]

Baidu vs. Google [Infographic]

Baidu has overtaken Google as the leader in the search engine market in China, following the example of Sina Weibo, China’s top microblogging site. Baidu was created in 2000 as just a simple search engine, but it has developed into a multifaceted site providing a range of services (a Q&A forum, its own “Wikipedia” and instant messaging). As further evidence of its growth, Baidu has just launched a new version of its browser.

  • In terms of search queries, Baidu covers more than 80% of the Chinese market while Google reaches just 11% of market share. From a financial performance perspective, Baidu has also affirmed its position as the market leader. In February, Baidu announced a net income of $1.06 billion (up 88.3% on 2011), and a turnover of $2.30 billion (up 83.2%).
  • In 2010 Google turned its back on the Chinese market following a run-in with officials over the censorship of Google’s Chinese site ( The closure of its local office in China prompted the search giant to set up a base in Hong Kong.
  • Since January of this year, Google has reawakened to the huge possibilities offered by China’s burgeoning internet market by reopening its subsidiary there. It remains to be seen if Google can regain market share as Baidu has evidently established a dominant foothold in the Chinese search market.



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