Business Case: Tekelec

Business Case: Tekelec

TekelecTekelec’s signaling solutions enable the interworking of different network applications, technologies and protocols, providing a smooth transition to next-generation networks.

  • The company plays in a highly competitive market where decisions such as which products to develop, which features to include in a release, how to allocate marketing resources, etc., depend upon awareness of actions of competitors, customers, and other key technology trend data.
  • Tekelec managers reviewed several new tools in an effort to help the product management and product marketing teams consolidate the sources they use to stay current on critical competitive information.


Telecom Supplier Implements Data Analytics Tool
Recently, Tekelec automated the task of competitive intelligence including data collection, information management, data analysis and publication, by implementing the Digimind platform. “Our product managers and other development teams will be able to quickly incorporate this competitive market intelligence information into the product planning process, thanks to this sophisticated software,” said Anne Patton, Director of Corporate Marketing for Tekelec, Morrisville, North Carolina. “This willstreamline the process for our teams, by reducing the need for individual efforts and eliminating the review of numerous separate email alerts.”



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